Advantages Of Applying Pump Lube

Every machine that exists requires some or the other sort of lubrication for better efficiency. Usually, either a maintenance operator or technician uses pump lube to lubricate the machinery. A decent preventive upkeep program is the base to expanding generation, altogether lessening downtime and repair costs. An auto lube framework is a critical piece of an esteem organized preventive support program.

pump lube
pump lube

Reduces Labor Hours

When an operator is responsible for lubrication, the machine usually gets lubed after or before the shift. One machine can take up to an hour to effectively oil. However, an automated system can apply lube while the machine is operating, which in turns increases the amount of time used in production per day.

In-operation Machine’s lubrication

The automated system allows pump lube to disseminate proportionally to the different parts after a certain period of time, which actually is set by the operator. This predictable oil keeps a heading covered and shields it from wear and tainting. Conversely, manual oil surges a holding on for a lot of oil when connected at that point disseminates as the day advances prompting the danger of defilement and untimely wear. Plus, the grease distributed is only of the amount essential for the lubrication. Also, when lubricants are applied regularly, machine absorbs less grease for each lube cycle.

No Risk

Some of the lube points are quite difficult to reach. In some machines, the operator may be required to climb or crawl in order to reach the areas lubrication is required. Many a time, technicians prefer skipping the lubrication process if the area is too hard to reach.

Less Wear And Tear, And Hence Fewer Replacement Costs

In case a machine is damaged due to lubrication, it will require loads of money to fix that. Plus there are costs like productivity loss because of downtime, work cost for repair, creation work cost, missed due dates, expanded security issues while repairing hardware, and versatile to many applications in multiple markets.


Lubrication Pumps, Their Importance, and Their Function

Lubrication systems are extremely essential for every industry and sector that count on the usage of machines, for both mobile and stationary. Introduced long time ago in the 1930s, these systems are commonly known by names like industrial lubrication, centralized lubrication, automatic lubrication etc. The primary purpose of installing these machines is that it can double the performance of different machines and equipment.

lubrication pumps


Whether you are an owner of a workplace using various machines or a store owner selling a number of varieties of lubrication and oil and products, it would be great to understand about the systems to choose your most befitting options. The below section discusses the advantages and the fundamental functioning of useful lubrication pumps and equipment.

Learn about what is lubrication

The process of applying lubricants to the mechanical parts in order to diminish friction and avoid wear and tear is called friction. The process is extremely crucial to saving machines from being damaged. However, sometimes it is extremely difficult to take care of this process manually. This is the reason why lubricants are popular and are found in numerous designs.


These machine-controlled systems are able to access even those parts that are hard to operate by the humans. Another crucial benefit of using them is that they have the quality to lubricate the parts evenly. Since these systems are able to lubricate the machines in cycles, human efforts, and time is reduced significantly to reduce errors and safeguard the machinery from breakdowns. These systems also come in handy since they use the lubricants in the best way possible, thus saving misuse and wastage.

How Do Lubricants Work?

A lubrication system comprises 4-5 major components that take part in efficient lubrication. Lubricant reservoir available in these systems help to restore the lubricant that needs to be applied. Note that lubricants are available in different types such as solid-liquid dispersion and liquid-liquid dispersion. Another crucial part is the pump itself that pushes the reservoir to distribute lubricant for further usage.

These systems generally have times or controllers that are planned to trigger the system for lubrication process. Injectors are the parts from which the lubricants are distributed to the machinery parts. These parts are affixed to the pump and the reservoir using supply lines. The lubricant is finally pumped out via the injector as the time triggers the system. A number of models and designs are available with the manufacturers nowadays, among which single line parallel lubricating and single line progressive models are the most popular ones. 

Use Quality Oil Lubricators To Increase Machines’ Efficiency!

Grease is a critical component for the keeping up of bearing items. Furthermore, while specifying the lubricator, the majority of you may think about the oil. Obviously, oil is unquestionably one sort of good lubricator for the bearing equipment. Let us know something about bearing lubrication, particularly the oil lubricator for the bearing items.


Oil Lubricator
Oil Lubricator

Bearings should be satisfactorily greased up to anticipate direct metal-to-metal connection among the moving components, raceways and confines if you want them to work dependably. The oil lubricator also hinders wear and secures surfaces of the bearing against erosion. The decision of an appropriate oil and strategy for lubrication for every individual bearing application is accordingly essential:

A wide choice of oils is accessible for bearing’s lubrication. The real decision of an oil lubricator depends essentially on the working conditions, i.e. range of the temperature and speeds and also the impact of the environment. The most ideal working temperatures will be acquired when the base measure of lubricant required for reliable bearing oil lubricator is given. In any case, when the grease has extra capacities, for example, removal or sealing of the heat, extra measures of oil might be required.

Lubricants slowly lose its lubricating features when it bearing arrangements because of the heavy mechanical work, and because of contamination build-up. It is thusly vital for oil to be recharged or restored and for oil lubricator to be shifted and changed at regular interims.

Oil Lubricator is mostly utilised for rolling bearing lubrication when high speeds or working temperatures block the utilisation of oil, when applied or frictional heat is expelled from the bearing position, or when adjoining segments (for instance, gears) are greased up with oil.

With a specific goal to expand bearing administration life, all strategies for bearing oil lubricator that utilisation clean oil lubricators are favoured, i.e. the oil-spot technique with separated air and oil, oil jet method and well-filtered circulating greasing. When utilising oil-spot strategies, satisfactorily dimensioned channels should be given with the goal that the oil spilling out of the bearing can leave the arrangement.

Oil Lubricator has such imperative impact in maintaining the bearing items, in this manner, the choice of it also turns out to be fairly vital.


Lube Pumps: How Critical They Are For Your Machinery?

Lubrication pumps are able to supply lubricant from the lubricant tank to the tubing system of the lubrication system. The manometric pressure required is high to stand for pressure drops across the tubing, components such as filters, valves, distributors and friction points.

lube pump
Lube Pump

To augment industrial operations and manufacturing processes, one must use a top-quality process oil and mineral oil. Lubrication pumps are deemed as one of the most popular ways to diminish the production cost in a suitable way. However, these solutions are largely utilized for crafting skin care, moisturizer, cosmetic, and other products.

Production industries utilize such products for boosting energy, petroleum, and manufacturing applications. They play a key role in escalating the regular work flow by improving the physical properties of various products in the optimal way possible. It also further helps in improving the processing ability within the minimal time possible. Whereas, to buying high quality and inexpensive process oil, one can count on topmost service providers. However, people may also take help of the internet to find a trustworthy organization within the shortest possible time.

You can purchase lube pumps for a range of petroleum and manufacturing applications. They are largely used to provide top quality solutions for various industries. The top quality products along with mineral based oils help diminish friction so as to better gas mileage, and guarantee high performance of your engine. Such pumps can considerably improve the safety and security operation of machines. To sum up, lube pumps are gradually becoming a major necessity for industries these days.

Bijur Delimon Lubricant’s Benefits For Locomotives And Trains!

Bijur Delimon is a world leader in the manufacturing and design of several fluid dispensing products and systems. These systems range from simple single-point grease feeders to complex automatic systems that dispense oil or grease to hundreds of lubrication points. In Bijur Delimon wheel flange lubrication system electronic control system is provided with a Railjet. The railjet products is an amazing lubricant manufactured by the company.


Bijur Delimon – Railjet Wheel flange lubrication

These products are incredible when it comes to lubricating the trains and other locomotives. A lubrication system for lubricating locomotives is engineered specifically to perform in various extreme and basic Railroad conditions. These Bijur Delimon systems comprise of a positive displacement air operated the pump, spray valves, and atmospheric reservoir that are used in applying lubricants to the rail equipment.

Applying the right amount of lubricant is important for any machine. At the same time, applying the right lubricant is also important, and lubricating using this Bijur Delimon product not only reduces the wheel friction and wear but also extends the interval of re-profiling driver wheels. About 5 to 15 percent of the driving energy and operating cost can be reduced by using them.

These lubricants can be controlled by distance, time or curve-sensors in order to apply lubricants only to the rail flank, interfacing flange, and various other equipment requiring lubrication. Bijur Delimon also manufactures a product called Railjet Combi Unit that combines all the important components in one unit—COMBI. It includes 10L tank, several physical connections, RST controller and air solenoids. It is perfect for lubricating friction modifier and wheel wear and reduces the noise significantly.

Alemite Grease Pumps – For Better Lubrication Practices

Lubrication is considered to be the most essential aspect that can help your machinery run for a long time without having to face sudden breakdowns. If you are not taking care of your machinery properly, chances are that your machinery is not in its best state of working.

This is where the role of lubricants come into the procedure. There are basically two causes of your machinery failures due to poor lubrication practices.


1) Lack of lubrication – This corresponds to a condition when you have not used up the adequate amount of lubricant to resolve your machinery issues. If you aren’t using the best practices designed for lubrication, the machinery may produce rust on its surface which could be difficult for you to treat. In many cases, such type of issues turns into a complete breakdown of your machinery.

Lubrication creates a thin film of oil that reduces the roughness of your machinery parts touching each other. Lubricants work as smoothening agents to lessen the amount of friction in the machinery parts thereby reducing the chances of wear and tear of your machinery.

2) Over- lubrication – In many cases, if the technicians don’t know how to use the appropriate lubricant, and by mistake, they overuse the same lubricant, a condition known as over-lubrication arises, which may hinder the functioning of your machinery.

Alemite grease pumps come handy in eliminating the symptoms associated with poor lubrication practices. They enable only a calculated amount of grease to enter your machinery parts – thus contributing to the overall health of your machinery.

How Important it is to Ask an Expert When Selecting an Alemite Grease Pump?

If you are looking to purchase an Alemite grease pump, or other Trabon products (such as a pneumatic pump or lube pump), then you should know the many applications where they are used.

You want to buy the right Alemite grease pump, obviously, you can’t make any single mistake. In such a situation, it does make sense to gain an expert technician’s advice about this subject.

Alemite Oil Pumps

It is the first thing to know that the Alemite grease pump you intend to buy matches the project that you are working on because, together with the different system pressures and viscosities that an Alemite grease pump can handle, you must be able to find the most appropriate product.

Hence, this is of significant use to talk to an expert: A person, who is capable to handle all the information regarding troubleshooting can’t be ignored. The knowledge that an expert will have, can fill the gap between protecting and strengthening the performance of your machinery versus sudden machinery failures. So, yes, it really plays a big role to have an expert who actually is able to understand how an Alemite grease pump works.

That Alemite grease pump, including any other pump lube or pneumatic pump you want to purchase, is a useful investment. You want to be sure you have bought a high-quality product that delivers excellent results, together with a reliable brand name.

Knowledge is the key thing why you need an expert, to help you buy a consistent Alemite grease pump solution. However, a deep research and a tedious review process is necessary before you make a decision.

How to Prevent Pump Contamination?

Pumps are comprised of moving parts which include valves, pistons and check valves – all working together against seals and o-rings within the pump. A properly maintained pump typically produces a stable test pressure, but contaminants in the form of dirt and grit, chemicals, can really create trouble for the entire unit. But what can be done to prevent the pump from harmful contaminants?

The largest source of contamination takes place during the venting process when the test is over. You’ve successfully pressurised your equipment, received your data, and it’s time to move to the next task on the catalog. After detaching the vent valve on the pump, the pressure is relieved either via the vent valve to the atmosphere (in the case of a pneumatic pump), or back into the pump’s reservoir in case it is a hydraulic pump. Any contaminants are transported from the process into the pump and will adopt the same path as the vented pressure. How to prevent this?

For pneumatic pumps, there are numerous dirt and moisture traps that are able to help prevent the fluids and contamination from entering into the pump unit. These typically mount on the top of the pneumatic pumps between the pump and hose and catch liquid and dirt as compressed air travels back into the pump. Most of this equipment have a clear acrylic tank so you can notice the contamination, and clean it out immediately before moving further. For hydraulic pumps, the best solution is to install a vent valve in your piping system and affix the contaminated liquid with a suitable outlet that will go into a suitable container instead of taking contaminated oil back into your pump unit.

Brennan Adapters: Helpful Guidelines For the Buyers

Brennan AdaptersBrennan adapters have a reputable name for producing high-quality products that are typically used in hydraulic fittings and flow components. Like other essential items, purchasing specialized equipment of this brand is a worthwhile investment to  maintain and enhance the life of your useful machinery.

The best way to purchase Brennan adapters is to take the help of experts who understand the different kind of products regarding pneumatics. When it comes to making a choice for pneumatic equipment, it is highly recommended to take the assistance of a specialist.

Remember, the assistance is highly invaluable, since your mission is to keep your machinery running and you don’t want to put yourself in a situation where your workers are trying to fix shoddy pumps, valves or systems.

Brennan AdaptersAn expert, having the right skill set is imperative, as it can help save you money and secure your machinery from developmental malfunctions due to mechanical failures or breakdown of equipment. Trust this person as he is the one that will lead in buying exactly what you want.

Selection is a critical matter which will decide your operational success and the successful functioning of valves, pumps and lubrication system. Adapters are extremely essential components that enable the hydraulic fittings to work precisely without interruptions, which is why, you just can’t misjudge the importance of adapters in the mechanical procedures.

In the end, gather information from the trusted resource for how to use them. Make sure, you watch the original seal of the company before purchasing anything looks like Brennan products.