Alemite Grease Pumps – For Better Lubrication Practices

Lubrication is considered to be the most essential aspect that can help your machinery run for a long time without having to face sudden breakdowns. If you are not taking care of your machinery properly, chances are that your machinery is not in its best state of working.

This is where the role of lubricants come into the procedure. There are basically two causes of your machinery failures due to poor lubrication practices.


1) Lack of lubrication – This corresponds to a condition when you have not used up the adequate amount of lubricant to resolve your machinery issues. If you aren’t using the best practices designed for lubrication, the machinery may produce rust on its surface which could be difficult for you to treat. In many cases, such type of issues turns into a complete breakdown of your machinery.

Lubrication creates a thin film of oil that reduces the roughness of your machinery parts touching each other. Lubricants work as smoothening agents to lessen the amount of friction in the machinery parts thereby reducing the chances of wear and tear of your machinery.

2) Over- lubrication – In many cases, if the technicians don’t know how to use the appropriate lubricant, and by mistake, they overuse the same lubricant, a condition known as over-lubrication arises, which may hinder the functioning of your machinery.

Alemite grease pumps come handy in eliminating the symptoms associated with poor lubrication practices. They enable only a calculated amount of grease to enter your machinery parts – thus contributing to the overall health of your machinery.